Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 - 200 years

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From April 28 2024 to May 31 2024

  • Classical
  • Dance

It is an extraordinary score, combining vocal soloists, choir and orchestra. With his Ninth Symphony, Beethoven revolutionized the history of music. To celebrate the 200th anniversary of this masterpiece, Mezzo presents exceptional renditions, conducted by the greatest maestros and even featuring Béjart's choreography! It's also an opportunity to watch pieces inspired by this work, such as Berlioz's Romeo and Juliet and Mahler's Second Symphony.

Shorts documentaries on the creation, genesis and posterity of Beethoven's 9th - Presented by James Jolly - MEZZO EXCLUSIVE 

- The text and context

- The Music - with the participation of Mathias Auclair (General Curator, Music Department of the Bibliothèque nationale de France)

- Beyond the classical form of the symphony

- The legacy - with the participation of Esteban Buch, author of the book Beethoven's Ninth. A political history

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