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Phronesis & Engines orchestra - EFG London Jazz Festival

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Composer Dave Maric provides the alchemy that brings together two ensembles whose contrasting talents are poised to create musical fireworks. Jasper Høiby, Ivo Neame and Anton Eger make piano trio music of distinctive power and lyricism that has had a worldwide impact over the past decade, whilst Phil Meadows' Engines Orchestra has fused today's generation of jazz and classical young bloods in a floating group of strings, horns and groove that transcends expectations.


  • Engines Orchestra
  • Phill Meadows (Conductor)


Jasper Høiby, piano
Ivo Neame, piano
Anton Eger, piano

Phill Meadows' Engines Orchestra
Phill Meadow, conductor

Recording: November 12 2017 - London, United Kingdom
Director: Mathieu Mastin
Duration: 01:11

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