Bojan Z - Like a Jazz Machine

Multiple prize awarded jazz pianist, Bojan Z started working with the French bassist Henri Texier, later followed by the famous clarinetist Michel Portal. With his special language consisting of a mature jazz vocabulary with subtly dosed folkloric influences from the Balkans, Bojan leaves an indelible imprint on contemporary jazz. In 2002 he receives the Prix Django Reinhardt for Musician of the Year. In 2005 he was awarded the "European Jazz Prize" ( Hans Koller Prize) as the best European jazz artist. Bojan adds Fender Rhodes to his acoustic piano play in which be-bop lines fit in seamlessly with dance rhythms, funky backbeats and folk-tinged improvisations. For his unusual new quartet based on winds, his creation in residence, he works once again with his musician friend, the celebrated Italian trumpet player Paolo Fresu. The public will discover Pantelis Stoikos known as one of the best trumpeters of the Balkans as well as Carlo Puntin an inventive clarinetist acclaimed by John Zorn.


  • Bojan Z

Recording: May 25 2017 - Like a Jazz Machine
Director:  Samuel Thiebaut
Duration: 00:56

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