Archie Shepp All star "Tribute to John Coltrane"

In 1960, Archie Shepp attended a concert by John Coltrane at the Five Spot, the mythical club on the Lower East Side. Totally fascinated, he decided to pick up the tenor saxophone. Five years later, Shepp - already a reference in the world of free jazz - recorded alongside his hero. The resulting album, "Ascension", was released in 1966, and remains today one of the great monuments of free improvisation. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Coltrane's death - at the age of forty - the most Parisian representative of the New York avant-garde pays tribute to the brilliant composer of "A Love Supreme", with a Franco-American all-star band not unlike that which recorded the revolutionary "Ascension". A giant of jazz pays tribute to one of his gods...


  • Archie Shepp (Performer)

Recording: September 3 2016 - Jazz à la Villette
Director: Frank Cassenti
Duration: 00:55

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