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Music for your eyes

France : Europe/Paris

Jordi Savall in Granada: Dialogue of Christian, Jewish and Muslim music


  • Jordi Savall


Anonymous, late 14th century
Alba - Traditional Berber
Erotókritos - Byzantine dance
Rotundellus (MSC 105) - Alfonso X the Wise
Alagyeaz & Khnki tsar - Traditional (Armenian)
Saltarello - Trecento mss. (Italy, 13th century)

Viola da gamba soprano
Anonymous Italians, around 1490
Las estrellas de los cielos - Traditional Sephardic (Sarajevo)
La Quarte Estampie Royal - Le Manuscrit du Roy (Paris, 13th century)
Ya Mariam el bekr - Traditional (Syria)
Hermosa muchachica - Traditional Sephardic (Jerusalem)

Lyre of gambe
Anonymous Italians, around 1450
El Rey Nimrod - Traditional Sephardic (Jerusalem)
Saltarello (MSC 77 & 119) - Alfonso X the Wise
Danza del viento - Traditional Berber
Lamento di Tristano - Trecento mss. (Italy, 13th century)
Makām-ı Uzzäl Sakîl "Turna" Semâ'î - Mss. D. Cantemir (324)

Recording: July 6 2020 - Festival de Granada
Director: Arnaud Lalanne
Duration: 00:48

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