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Bernard Haitink: It comes my way - Portrait of a conductor

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  • Bernard Haitink (Conductor)


Together with Hans Haffmans, Dutch radio and television presenter, Bernard Haitink is reflecting on his long career . The film turns out to be a very moving portrait of a man who can’t enjoy his great success.
Haffmans visits Haitink and his wife Patricia at his residence in south-west France. Two days of intimate conversations, including studying the Mengelberg score of ‘Das Lied von der Erde’, and a relaxed stroll in the garden.
The interview is intervowen with unique archival footage and photos: a very young Haitink struggling with the Concertgebouw Orchestra and with Mahler’s Second Symphony, and an older and far more experienced Haitink working with the Berlin Philharmonic, a recording session for Philips in the 70’s, a masterclass in Luzern...

Recording: January 1 2019
Director: Joost Honselaar / Hans Haffmans
Duration: 00:49

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