Vivaldi : Juditha Triumphans - Greek National Opera

Juditha triumphans was based on a Latin libretto by Iacopo Cassetti, which was in turn inspired by the Book of Judith from the Old Testament. The king of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar sends his general, Holofernes, to conquer the city of Bethulia in Israel. To save her Israelite compatriots, courageous Judith decides to seduce Holofernes. When he falls asleep, she cuts his head off. Juditha triumphans is the only extant oratorio of the four that Vivaldi composed. The intense war atmosphere is conveyed through the dynamic choral parts, and Judith’s faith and integrity through the lyrical and tender writing. Notable is the use of many different and relatively rare instruments, such as the viola d’amore, chalumeaux, and theorbos, used by Vivaldi to highlight the most significant moments.


  • Armonia Atenea orchestra
  • Il Pomo d'Oro
  • GNO Chorus
  • GNO Children's Chorus
  • Markellos Chryssicos (Conductor)
  • Thanos Papakonstantinou (Stage Direction)
  • Roxana Constantinescu (Mezzo-soprano) : Juditha
  • Kristina Hammarström (Mezzo-soprano) : Holofernes
  • Inga Kalna (Soprano) : Vagaus
  • Theodora Baka (Mezzo-soprano) : Abra
  • Sophia Patsi (Mezzo-soprano) : Ozias


Juditha triumphans
Oratorio by Antonio Vivadi (1678 – 1741)
Librettto by Iacopo Cassetti

Recording: Greek National Opera | Athens
Director: Stéphane Lebard
Duration: 02:04

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