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Yamandu Costa and Vincent Peirani, Jazz à Porquerolles

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A world premiere for an unprecedented first performance and the encounter between two artists whom we adore, Vincent Peirani and Yamandu Costa; one of the greatest Brazilian guitarists just like Baden Powell, which says everything about a musician who creates enthusiasm at every one of his concerts and who is an idolised star in his own country. Vincent Peirani is the musician that all the jazz and world music venues in the world invite!
Accordion Prodigy, he never ceases to explore the richness of an instrument of which only angels know the secrets. An explosive encounter between two sublime artists who create on stage a space which goes beyond music in order to share with us something which is in the order of joy! A true encounter from which we will certainly come out of changed, full of melodies and of rhythms, making us feel even stronger the beauty of Porquerolles and the chance we have of being able to experience these moments.


  • Costa Yamandu (INTERPRETE)
  • Vincent Peirani (INTERPRETE)

Recording: July 9 2018 - Jazz à Porquerolles
Director: Frank Cassenti
Duration: 00:55

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