The Sound of New York, Greg Osby

"The Sound of New York" is the exploration of the musical world of a new generation of artists based in New York City.
These musicians hail from different countries, with their own stories and diverse experiences, are giving birth to a new musical wave that takes shape influencing worldwide the artistic scene.
It's right in New York today that this impulse is stronger than ever: the sounds come from a deep integration of music of the past and today, interacting with other artistic forms.
It's a modern concentration of African-American music influences, including classical and contemporary, as well as more mainstream styles such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, R'B, Rock, etc
10 musicians internationally known will lead us into this world walking along the streets of New York. We will see the places where they live and listen to the music they compose to know their artistic essence.

Greg Osby is an alto saxophonist, producer, composer and educator.
Osby's main instrument is alto sax but he occasionally plays soprano sax.
He played on Jack DeJohnette's album Special Edition and has recorded with Jim Hall and Andrew Hill, setting the stage for their appearance on Osby's The Invisible Hand.
With Geri Allen, Steve Coleman, Gary Thomas, and Cassandra Wilson, he was a member of the M-Base Collective.
He began recording albums under his own name for JMT Records in the 1980s, then signed with Blue Note in the 1990s and recorded fifteen outstanding recordings for that label as a leader.
In the 2008s, he formed his own label, Inner Circle Music.
Greg is a shinning beacon among the current generation of jazz musicians, highly regarded for his insightful and innovative approach to composition and performance


  • Greg Osby

Recording: Documentaire I Documentary
Director: Gloria Rebecchi
Duration: 00:28

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