The Amazing Keystone Orchestra plays the music of Quincy Jones at Jazz à Vienne

Since their student days at the Conservatoire, pianist Fred Nardin, saxophonist Jon Boutellier, trombonist Bastien Ballaz and trumpeter David Enhco have been joint leaders of the band and the main contributors to its arrangements. The 18 brilliant members of the band are not just fans of Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Thad Jones. For them, playing with this remarkable group of musicians is a chance to experiment with new ideas. For this exceptional night under the watchful eye of the great Quincy Jones, the band chose to revisit a selection of themes composed by Quincy over the past six decades. Wouldn't it be perfect if Mr. Jones suddenly decided to conduct some of his favourite arrangements? The ideal moment would seem to be when The Amazing Keystone Big Band will call on special guest Michel Hausser. The vibraphonist is coming directly from Alsace with a composition especially written for him by Quincy Jones.


  • The Amazing Keystone Big Band
  • plays the music of Quincy Jones

Recording: Jazz à Vienne
Director: Eric Michaud
Duration: 00:25

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