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Rokia Traore | Mandeka Classics

Next broadcasts Thursday, March 2 at 20:30 on Mezzo

  • Saturday, March 4 at 04:20 on Mezzo
  • Sunday, March 5 at 05:20 on Mezzo


  • Rokia Traore (INTERPRETE)
  • Samba Diabaté (INTERPRETE)
  • Mamah Diabaté (INTERPRETE)
  • Habib Sangaré (INTERPRETE)
  • Joel Massa Diarra (INTERPRETE)


Toubaka (Classic traditionnal)
Nan Foulé (Classic traditionnal)
Koulandjan (Classic tribute to the brotherhood of hunters)
Soubalé (Classic of the Mandinka epic)
Tiramaka(Classic of the Mandinka epic)
Kamadjan (Classic of the Mandinka epic)
Fakoli (Classic of the Mandinka epic)
Nakouma Djan (Classic traditionnal)
Douga (Traditionnal Mandinka song)

Recording: Unesco
Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Duration: 00:48

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