Rafael Riqueni, Nerja - Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse

Rafael Riqueni has been developing original compositions for twenty years, halfway between contemporary Andalusian music, the classical repertoire of Manuel de Falla and Turina or Granados, and flamenco inspiration. He chose as his theme the story of the fortuitous discovery in 1959, in the south of Andalusia, of an exceptional group of prehistoric caves decorated by a group of young people. Like a sound tale, 'Nerja' takes us along in their footsteps with the magnetic Maria Moreno as a guide. With a strong personality and nourished by the purest tradition, the dancer is one of the revelations of recent years.


  • Rafael Riqueni (Guitar)
  • Salvador Gutiérrez (Guitar)
  • Manuel De la Luz (Guitar)
  • Gretchen Lee Talbot (Cello)
  • María Moreno (Dancer)



Recording: February 18 2022
Director: Patrick Lauze
Duration: 01:38

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