Neue Grafik Ensemble - Jazz à La villette


  • Matt Gedrych (Bass)
  • Jack Banjo (Trumpet)
  • Faye Thompson (Saxophone)
  • Benjamin Appiah (Drums)
  • Fred N'Thepe (Piano)


Fred N'Thepe, Jordan Figueroa Saintard, Emma-Jean Thackray | Something is Missing

Fred N'Thepe | Officer, Let me Go to School

Fred N'Thepe, Matt Gedrych | For Adama

Fred N'Thepe | Queen Assa

Hadiru Mahdi aka Brother Portrait, Fred N'thepe, Tanguy Jouanjan | Dedicated to Marie Paule

Shaeem Wright aka Lord Apex, Fred N'Thepe | Step to It

Hedgehog Dilemma

Recording: September 10 2021
Director: Yvan Schreck
Duration: 00:47

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