Lucky Peterson, tribute to Jimmy Smith -Banlieues Bleues

Twelve years after the death of Jimmy Smith, Lucky Peterson, pays a tribute to the master of the Hammond organ." My father brought me up on blues before I could even walk, and I played the organ before having learnt to speak."Lucky Peterson, The precocious, classy little baby's bottle was thrown into music as soon as he was born.To this die-hard blues man, who is the guardian of the flame, he was able to add a well-chosen dose of groove. There is no doubt that it was a suitable way to honour Jimmy Smith, who was a reference in the realm of jazz soul and with whom he had exchanged in his youth. Finally this dive into history reminds us how much the hymns of the 1950's and 1960's remain incredibly sensual, enough to encourage the choir of a church to dance...


  • Lucky Peterson (Performer)
  • Nicolas Fomer (Performer)
  • Kekyn Crapp (Performer)
  • Ahmad Compaoré (Performer)


Tribute to Jimmy Smith

Recording: March 31 2018
Director: Guillaume Dero
Duration: 00:51

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