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France : Europe/Paris

Laurent Coulondre Trio at Nancy Jazz Pulsations

Next broadcasts Saturday, March 20 at 14:00 on Mezzo Live HD

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Laurent Coulondre belongs to a generation of young musicians who take jazz into unexplored territory. With a sharp sense of rhythm and harmony, he plays the piano and the organ with consummate ease and shows, at his young age, breathtaking musicality, technique and flair. Laurent Coulondre has defined the new concept of the "reversible trio", and a new sound identity. Alternating betweed the classical trio - piano, double bass and drums - and another form comprising organ, 6-string bass and drums, his music is innovative and challenging, without ever losing touch with its audience.




Laurent Coulondre Trio at Nancy Jazz Pulsations 2015

Recording: October 8 2015 - Nancy Jazz Pulsations
Director: Sylvain Pierrel
Duration: 00:46

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