Get the blessing at "Like a jazz machine" festival

One of the most original and exciting bands to emerge in years, Get The Blessing was formed by drummer Clive Deamer and bassist Jim Barr, rythm section of trip-hop's legendary band Portishead. Get The Blessing have stormed onto the scene, taking riffs and rhythms from rock, punk and dance music and artfully welding them onto inventive wild jazz improvisations, all colliding in a joyous celebration of sound. With trumpeter Pete Judge and saxophonist Jake McMurchie from Superfurry Animals completing the line-up, Get The Blessing's rocking tunes and snappy arrangements create a genre-bending blend of sounds that is all their own, flirting slyly with jazz while pounding the dancefloor with their "gloriously powerful sound" (BBC Music Magazine). Get The Blessing wear their jazz credentials lightly but defiantly. The intricate but rock-solid rhythm section forms the gloss that holds Get the Blessing together, with the dual saxophone and trumpet frontline working with the bass to create melodies and harmonies.


  • Get the blessing


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Recording: "Like a jazz machine" festival
Director: David Unger
Duration: 00:52

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