Edmar Castadena at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

As an out-of-the-ordinary harpist, and one of the most creative musicians of the Big Apple, Edmar Castadena possesses the polyvalence and the enchanting charisma to draw his instrument into the light, which is pretty rare in the world of jazz and improvised music. Performing on the most prestigious stages of the world, Edmar Castadena 's body and his Colombian harp seems to make only one, shaping incredible detailed rhythm by unheard nuances, thus rivaling with the greatest flamenco guitarists.


  • Edmar Castañeda


Edmar Castadena at the International Jazz Festival of Montréal 2016

Recording: June 30 2016 - Montreal Jazz Festival
Director: Mathieu Mastin
Duration: 00:44

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