Avishai Cohen Trio - Nancy Jazz Pulsations

Born in Israel and raised from an early age in the United States, Avishai Cohen is one of the most influential musicians of his generation on the international jazz scene. After 14 albums as leader, he founded his own label Razdaz Records and produced his latest opus From Darkness. Celebrated as a bass player and a composer, with this album he returns to his preferred formation: the acoustic trio. With virtuoso pianist Nitay Hershkovits and the irresistible drummer Daniel Dor, From Darkness is anything but a plunge into darkness. On the contrary, it soars and reaches the light with new creativity and expressiveness, transcended by subtle harmonic nuances. Clearly inspired, the members of the trio share their deeply-felt and communicative passion.


  • Avishai Cohen Trio (Performer)


Avishai Cohen @ Nancy Jazz Pulsations 2015

Recording: October 8 2015 - Nancy Jazz Pulsations
Director: Sylvain Pierrel
Duration: 01:09

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