Anne Paceo (Circles) - Jazz sous les Pommiers

From New-Orleans blues, pop experiments, to groove and hip-hop, jazz drummer Anne Paceo (winner of a "Victoire du Jazz" award in 2016) is up for all kinds of musical adventures. This concert illustrates her eclecticism, beginning with her album "Circles", followed by "Fables of Shwedagon", a new project involving a Burmese orchestra. The evening's opening act features Anne's quartet, with Christophe Panzani on saxophone, singer Leila Martial and Tony Paeleman on keyboards. Anne's compositions, full of emotion and energy, show she has now become a major figure on the French jazz scene.


  • Anne Paceo (Performer)

Recording: May 27 2017 - Jazz sous les Pommiers
Director: Thierry Villeneuve
Duration: 00:41

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