The life I love - The pianist Menahem Pressler

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The music world has known Menahem Pressler for more than half a century and mainly for his work with the famous Beaux Arts Trio. He was the heart of this ensemble and when in 2008 the trio decided to separate, it was not the end for Menahem Pressler’s career – in fact it was the start of a most remarkable and successful path as a soloist and in 2013, the 90-year-old grand seigneur of the piano gave his long overdue debut with the Berliner Philharmoniker. In ‘The life I love – the pianist Menahem Pressler’, from talks with Pressler over excerpts from one of his Master Classes, to interviews with artists like Daniel Harding, Quatuor Ébène, Leonidas Kavakos or Daniel Hope, we will gain deep insights into the life of this enchantingly “venerable prodigy”. Menahem Pressler died on May 6, 2023

Recording: January 1 2014
Director: Grete Liffers
Duration: 00:44

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