The Sound Weavers: Ludovico Einaudi, Hauschka, Joep Beving, Hania Rani

Sold-out concerts, millions of albums sold to make the classical music industry green with envy: neoclassical, as the new musical trend is called, is a mega hit. What makes the form so popular? Is this music skillful or just comforting? Are its composers Mozart 2.0 or rather maestros for the masses? Do they build a bridge to the musical past, allowing our ears to roam comfortably in familiar territory? The documentary traces the journey of some of the protagonists of the genre by telling their stories, and seeking answers from sociologists, neuroscientists, musicologists and even marketing experts. But above all, it allows these creators – these weavers – to have their say.

Recording: January 1 2021
Director: Anne-Kathrin Peitz
Duration: 00:53

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