La Bayadère by Nacho Duato after Marius Petipa | Mikhailovsky Theatre


  • Nacho Duato d'après Marius Petipa (Stage Direction)
  • Mikhailovsky Ballet (Ballet Company)
  • Marius Petipa (Choreography)
  • Nacho Duato (Choreography)


Mikhailovsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra
Mikhailovsky Ballet (Compagnie de Ballet)
Pavel Sorokin (Conductor)
Nacho Duato after Marius Petipa (Choreography)
Ludwig Minkus (Composer)

La Bayadère
Ballet in three acts
Choreography by Nacho Duato after Marius Petipa
Music by Ludwig Minkus
The Mikhailovsky Theatre Ballet and Symphony Orchestra
Conductor, Pavel Sorokin
Stage Designer, Costume Designer, Angelina Atlagić
Lighting Design, Brad Fields

(Nikiya) Angelina Vorontsova
(Solor) Victor Lebedev
(Gamzatti) Andrea Laššáková

Recording: November 16 2019 - Mikhailovsky Theatre | Saint Petersburg
Director: Andy Sommer
Duration: 01:33

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