Rinaldo Alessandrini and the Concerto Italiano: Vivaldi, Leo, Bononcini

Rinaldo Alessandrini, one of the outstanding conductors of the Baroque repertoire, compares sacred masterworks of the best representatives of three Italian schools: Vivaldi from Venice, Bononcini from Bologna and Leonardo Leo from Naples. Vivaldi's Credo in E minor RV 591, dated around 1715, is considered among his most important pieces of sacred music, while Bononcini's Stabat Mater in C minor offers one of the best known musical settings of this famous liturgical text. In turn, the 8-voice Miserere by Leo (1739) was admired by great Romantic composers such as Verdi and Wagner, and in the modern times by Riccardo Muti. The performance restores the enchanting effects of the religious music of the early 18th century.


  • Concerto Italiano
  • Chór Polskiego Radia
  • Rinaldo Alessandrini (Conductor)
  • Sonia Tedla (Soprano)
  • Enrico Torre (Alto)
  • Luca Cervoni (Tenor)
  • Salvo Vitale (Bass)


Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)
Credo in E minor RV 591

Leonardo Leo (1694 - 1744)
Miserere for double choir, 8 voices and continuo

Antonio Maria Bononcini (1677 - 1726)
Stabat Mater in C minor

Recording: April 18 2019 - Misteria Paschalia | Kraków
Director: Jean-Pierre Loisil
Duration: 00:58

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