London Philharmonic Orchestra, Edward Gardner : Tippett, Elgar


  • London Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Edward Gardner (Conductor)


Michael Tippett (1905 – 1998)
Ritual Dances from The Midsummer Marriage

Edward Elgar (1857 – 1934)
Enigma Variations

Variation I. L'istesso tempo "C.A.E."
Variation II. Allegro "H.D.S-P."
Variation III. Allegretto "R.B.T."
Variation IV. Allegro di molto "W.M.B."
Variation V. Moderato "R.P.A."
Variation VI. Andantino "Ysobel"
Variation VII. Presto "Troyte"
Variation VIII. Allegretto "W.N."
Variation IX. Adagio "Nimrod"
Variation X. Intermezzo: Allegretto "Dorabella"
Variation XI. Allegro di molto "G.R.S."
Variation XII. Andante "B.G.N."
Variation XIII. Romanza: Moderato "* * *"
Variation XIV. Finale: Allegro Presto "E.D.U."

Recording: September 8 2021 - Grand Palace Hall | Bucharest
Duration: 01:05

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