Haendel's Messiah in Versailles


  • Hervé Niquet (Conductor)
  • Sandrine Piau (Soprano)
  • Anthea Pichanick (Mezzo-soprano)
  • Kresimir Spicer (Tenor)
  • Bozidar Smiljanic (Bass)


Georg Friedrich Haendel (1685-1759)
Messiah, HWV 56

Part I
Scene 1: Isaiah's Prophecy of Salvation
Scene 2: The Coming Judgment
Scene 3: The Prophecy of Christ's Birth
Scene 4: The Annunciation to the Shepherds
Scene 5: Christ's Healing and Redemption

Part II
Scene 1: Christ's Passion
Scene 2: Christ's Death and Resurrection
Scene 3: Christ's Ascension
Scene 4: Christ's Reception in Heaven
Scene 5: The Beginnings of Gospel Preaching
Scene 6: The World's Rejection of the Gospel
Scene 7: God's Ultimate Victory

Part III
Scene 1: The Promise of Eternal Life
Scene 2: The Day of Judgment
Scene 3: The Final Conquest of Sin
Scene 4: The Acclamation of the Messiah

Recording: December 15 2018 - Chapelle Royale | Versailles
Director: Julien Condemine
Duration: 01:57

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