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Music for your eyes

France : Europe/Paris

A Christmas Tale with the Huelgas Ensemble and Paul Van Nevel


  • Huelgas Ensemble
  • Paul Van Nevel (Conductor)


Mirabile Mysterium - A European Christmas Tale (1300-1850)

1. The birth in Bethlehem
Balaam de quo vaticinans (a 3) - anonymus, ca. 1300
Myrabile Mysterium (a 5) - Jacobus Gallus 1550-1591
Este niño que es sol del Aurora (a 2, 4 & 8) - Jerónimo Luca ca. 1630
Carol for Christmas-Eve (a 4), from Christmas Carols, London 1871

2. The crime of Herodes
Hostis Herodes Impie (a 4) - Anonymus, ca. 1320
Interrogabat Magos Herodes (a 4) - Jean Mouton ca.1459-1522
Vox in Rama (a 5) - Giaches de Wert 1535-1596
A voice from Ramah was there sent (a 4) - B. Luard Selby (England, 19th Century)

3. The travel of the three Kings Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar (Le voyage des trois rois mages)
Vincti Presepio (a 3) - Anonymus, ca. 1300
Reges Terrae (a 6) - Pierre de Manchicourt, ca.1510-1564
Ab Oriente (a 5) - Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck , 1562-1621
Drei Könige (a 5) - Peter Cornelius, 1824-1874

4. Epilogue
Quae stella sole pulchrior (a 1 & 4) - Anonymus, ca. 1300
Dexen que Llore mi Niño (a 1, 4 & 8) - António Marques Lésbio, 1639-1709

Recording: December 23 2014 - Saint Augustine Church | Antwerp
Director: Leonid Adamopoulos
Duration: 01:01

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