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Special programming from 2-22 April on Mezzo

Climate change impacts all sectors of our society. And in particular Culture and Music.

Faced with the necessity to address ecological matters, we have decided this April to highlight the link between Music and Nature. Throughout the history of music, composers have been inspired by Nature, from Beethoven and his Pastorale Symphony to StraussAlpine Symphony. A beautiful musical journey in perspective! But we are also going to give voice to artists who today are committed to the Planet. How to rethink travel in a more virtuous way? How to echo global warming in a concert program? Some answers in April on Mezzo! 

Hosted by Pauline Lambert & Mimi Durand-Kurihara


Patricia Kopatchinskaja

How Nature influences artists and composers? 

How conceive a concert program with an eco-input? 

Eco- friendly architectures for the new music venues ?

Some insights with artists  Jakub Joszef Orlinski, Raphaël Merlin (Quatuor Ebène), Laurence Equilbey, Vanessa Wagner, Antoine Wagner, Caroline Sonrier, Paddy Dillon, Patricia Kopatchinskaja…