our programs › Scheherazade choreography by Alonzo King. LINES Ballet

choreography by Alonzo King
LINES Ballet

Music and play by Zakir Hussain
according to Rimsky Korsakov's work

With : David Harvey, Courtney Henry, Ashely Jackson, Laurel Keen, Yujin Kim, Victor M. Arellano, Michael Montgomery, Caroline Rocher, Zack Tang, Meredith Webster, Keelan Whitmore, Kara Wilkes, Ricardo Zayas

Alonzo King's Scheherazade is a re-envisioning of the ancient collection of Persian, Sanskrit, and Arabic stories of 1,001 Nights. The exquisite dancers of LINES Ballet present a vision of the intimate transformative potential these stories possess.

TV Director, Andreas Morell (41 mns) - 2009

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Andreas Morell
03 / 06 - 09h30
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