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La Bohème, opera in four acts by Giacomo Puccini

Coro y Orquesta del Teatro Real de Madrid
Jesús López Cobos (direction)
Giancarlo del Monaco (stage direction)

Inva Mula-Tchako (Mimi), Aquiles Machado (Rodolfo), Laura Giordano (Musetta), Fabio Maria Capitanucci (Marcello), David Menéndez (Schaunard), Felipe Bou (Colline), Juan Tomás Martínez (Benoît), Alfredo Mariotti (Alcindoro), Gonzalo Fernández de Tera (Parpignol)

Recordes in 2006, Teatro Real, Madrid
Directed by Robin Lough

Act 1
A group of students are living in an attic in the Paris Latin Quarter. As Rodolfo, a poet, remains on his own, Mimi, a young seamstress, knocks on the door in search of a light for her candle. Rodolfo and Mimi immediately fall in love.

Act 2
Rodolfo introduces his lover to his friends at the Café Momus, where the singer Musetta leaves Alcindoro, an elderly gentleman, to go back to Marcello, her former boyfriend and a close friend of Rodolfo's.

Act 3
With time, the relationship between Rodolfo and Mimi deteriorates. They fight more and more frequently. Even though Mimi is ill with consumption, they decide to break up.

Act 4
Rodolfo and his friends are enjoying themselves. Musetta comes in, greatly distressed and announces that Mimi, who is climbing the stairs behind her, is very ill. They call for a doctor, but it is too late: Mimi soon dies in Rodolfo's arms.

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