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Naïssam Jalal - Banlieues Bleues

Naïssam Jalal Live at Banlieues Bleues 2017
Naïssam Jalal feat. Hamid Drake, Quest of invisible F.
Naïssam Jalal, compositions, flute, nay
Leonardo Montant, piano
Claude Tchamitchian, bass
Harmid Drake, battery, drums

The flautist continues her search for meaning with a dream quartet to approach the mystical and spiritual side of jazz.
From her early days, Naissam Jalal has been oscillating between the West, symbolized by the traverso she studied at the Conservatory, and the East, represented by the ney, which she studied with great masters in Damascus and Cairo.
In residence at the Dynamo, she sets a new objective: to integrate improvised modal jazz with non-western traditions, like the Arab dhikr, the Indian raga, and Gnawa trance.
A specialist of the genre, drummer and percussionist Hamid Drake immediately recognized in her the ability he himself acquired alongside Don Cherry and Pharoah Sanders.
He is now part of the adventure.

Recorded on 2017, March 28th at the Dynamo of Banlieues Bleues, Pantin, as part of the 'Banlieues Bleues' Festival
TV Director, Gilles Le Mao

Jazz / World Music
Genre : Jazz / musiques du monde
Length : 00:57:49
Director : Gilles Le Mao