our programsMagic Malik 'Shortcuts' at Banlieues Bleues festival in Paris

Magic Malik 'Shortcuts' at Banlieues Bleues festival in Paris

Malik Mezzadri flute, Stefanus Vivens keyboards, Denis Guivarc'h saxophones, Jean Luc Lehr bass, Massimo Zampieri drums, Stéphane Edouard percussions
Invited by the festival 'Banlieus Bleus', Magic Malik, one of the most gifted flautists on the new European jazz scene, offers us a live performance inspired by his latest album 'Short Cuts'. During the concert he takes us once again into a 'no man's land' where jazz, pop, and electro meet...a personal universe where he never stops pushing the limits, taking the audience with him as he explores new unknown musical worlds.

Jazz / World Music


26 April at 16:33
on mezzo
Genre : Jazz / musiques du monde
Length : 00:52:24
Director : Guillaume Dero
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